Cashed Out Media Advertisers

Cashed Out Media is one of the best and largest affiliate marketing programs available today. We offer an all inclusive affiliate program and promotional services for retailers and global brands. Our program differentiates itself not just through the quality of the services but also through its overall approach towards business promotion. Cashed Out Media is not an outsourced affiliate advertiser program or affiliate network, but it is a comprehensive, unique and multifaceted service that is designed to manage, proactively implement and develop your affiliate program.

The services of Cashed Out Media includes placement in a number of affiliate networks, creative design, brand oversight and managing product data feed. Since the very beginning, our system has been designed to eliminate obstacles and frustrations for our clients while remaining cost effective, highly efficient and adding value to our affiliate advertisers. Our prime focus is to generate incremental revenue through the affiliate programs from quality influencers and consumers without harming the potential of existing marketing strategies and the reputation of your brand. Cashed Out Media is a very unique service that will seamlessly integrate into your existing policies, preferences and current marketing approach.

By working in constant partnership with our partners and clients, Cashed Out Media continually tries to exceed client expectations. Our current offer for includes:

  • Multiple network strategy that will strongly position your program
  • An affiliate program that includes recruiting, activating and optimizing world’s best affiliates
  • A promotion strategy that ensures all affiliate advertise programs are creative and offers current and fresh material
  • Reporting abilities that allows you to measure the program from all angles and integrates with your existing analytics
  • Protecting your brand in terms of Content, Email, Search and Domain
  • Access to Cashed Out Media’s affiliate marketing team which has some of the brightest minds in the affiliate marketing industry, recruited specially for their unique talents